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The Guardsman

ByFerenc Molnar

(Translation by Frank Marcus)

Theatre Royal, Bath 11th September 2000 and then tour.

Albery Theatre, London, 4th October 2000

Ilona, an actress
Greta Scacchi
Nandor, an actor
Michael Pennington
Bela, a critic
Nickolas Grace
Georgina Hale
Lisa, the maid
Laura Macauley
Laura Macauley
Tim Faulkner
The Usherette
Jackie Skarvellis
Janet Suzman
Charles Cusick Smith
The Changing of the Guard, The Guardian 19th October 2000
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Indeed, Pennington has seldom been better, first as the fretful, besotted, stalker that Nandor initially is, then as the confused mix of men his disguise forces him to be…

-The Times

Pennington not only plays both jealous husband and suave lover, turning each into a marvellous send-up of the type, but lets us peep at the one repeatedly threatening to break through the shell of the other.

-The Stage