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David Rudkin

BBC Radio 3, 15th February 2015


Michael Pennington


Mia Soteriou


Hambi Pappas


Sam Crane


Mia Soteriou


Catherine Bailey

The Greek poet and playwright Euripides arrives at a basic farm cottage in Macedonia. All he wants is an inspiring view of the mountain as he sets about writing a play commissioned for the king. But the powerful winds bring more than just disruptive currents of air. He can hear voices, enchanting female voices, singing on the mountainside. And who is the widowed woman in black he spots gathering firewood, a donkey at her side? David Rudkin’s new play is a lyrical masterpiece, with the flow of language as enthralling as the haunting voices of the unseen mountain women. Michael Pennington delivers his lines with the attention to tone and mood they deserve and the overall effect is simply magical.

- Radio Times, 14-20th February 2015

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