One Man Shows

Sweet William

The incomparable Michael Pennington has done Sweet William proud.

-Daily Mail

Michael Pennington, a world-renowned Shakespearean whose every breath is a master class in acting

-Chicago Centerstage

A delightful and illuminating show... Warm, wise and illuminating

-Daily Telegraph

Anton Chekhov

Michael Pennington’s celebrated one man show ANTON CHEKHOV takes the form of an evening spent in the company of the Russian writer towards the end of his life. In it he reminisces about his life, his times and work; he demonstrates his writing technique by telling stories, speaks about the theatre and engages deeply and humorously with his English audience.

It is fortunate that so remarkable a writer and man has attracted so remarkable an actor as Michael Pennington... Chekhov in all his humour and humanity

-Sunday Telegraph

Anton Chekhov

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Sweet William:

Anton Chekhov:

Sweet William

Michael Pennington’s solo show about Shakespeare, Sweet William,has been acclaimed throughout Europe and in the US as a unique blend of showmanship and scholarship.

 If you're interested in presenting  Sweet William at your venue you can view the accompanying leaflet by clicking here.

Since this leaflet was printed there have been further London and American seasons. To read some quotes from the reviews, click here and for the full reviews click here.

To read the full reviews from some of the numerous venues where Anton Chekhov has been performed, click here

The DVD of Sweet William is now available. It goes under the title of Sweet William - My Life with Shakespeare and can be bought at the RSC and RNT,The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust book shops and Also Amazon for £12.99.

To  read a review, click here

Michael has several appearances lined up over the next few months.

They are entitled King Lear in Brooklyn and Chekhov in Siberia.

The former consists of readings from the book, plus a signing and Q & A;

The latter is not the full length Chekhov show but an hour’s dramatised reading of the Chekhov’s travels in Siberia - which was originally a radio production which Michael has now adapted for the stage.

Click here for a list of the venues and contact details: