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The Master Builder

Henrik Ibsen

Adapted by David Edgar

Minerva Theatre 9th September - 9th October 2010

Harvard Solness

Michael Pennington

Aline Solness

Maureen Beattie

Ragnar Brovik

Philip Cumbus

Doctor Herdal

Pip Donaghy

Hilde Wangel

Naomi Frederick

Knut Brovik

John McEnery

Kaja Fosli

Emily Wachter


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Philip Franks

Pennington ... totally dominates the stage with a dynamic confidence that drives the evening.

- The Stage

Pennington was a central performance of stature, suggesting frustration, exhilaration and confusion shaken into a potent cocktail ...

- London Evening Standard

Michael Pennington commands the stage with authority ...

-The British Theatre Guide

... Michael Pennington is full of power, passion and romanticism as he demonstrates his rare talent to the full ...

- The Argus

The moment Michael Pennington arrives, you know Ibsen is in the right hands.

- The Sunday Times