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A Wife Like the Moon

Omnibus – Pennington’s Chekhov 


Chekhov in Siberia

The Black Monk 

The House That Chekhov Built 

Michael interviewed about Anton Chekhov: http://www.theatrevoice.com/

About Love, five stories on the subject of marriage



Are You There Crocodile

A Pocket Guide to Ibsen, Chekhov and Strindberg

Chekhov’s Three Sisters. A Study Guide by Michael Pennington


Andrei in Three Sisters, Cambridge, 1971

Vershinin in Three Sisters, Gate Dublin, 1990

Trigorin in The Seagull, The Old Vic, 1997

Dorn in The Seagull, Edinburgh Festival, 2003

A Jubilee for Anton Chekhov, Hampstead Theatre, 18th-23rd January 2010

“I take your hand in mine…”, Wadham College,2010

Click here for and interview with Michael about his one-man show. (I was originally going to put a link to the English Touring Theatre’s web site, which is where this interview was originally printed, but, on checking the link, this article appears to have been removed, so I shall put it in full on this site.)    

Click here for an article written by Michael originally for The Independent newspaper and reprinted in the Old Vic programme


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