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Into the Storm

Hugh Whitemore

BBC2, 2nd November 2009

“Absorbing drama starring Brendan Gleeson, a follow-up to The Gathering Storm, depicting Winston Churchill’s rise to power and his determination to steer the country to victory in the Second World War.

His stubborn, defiant nature made him a formidable wartime leader, but these very same traits have caused him to lose touch with the British people. As Church awaits the results of the 1945 general election, he reflect on the pivotal events of the war, and consequences for his wife Clementine, forced to lead a life in the shadows while he took centre stage.”

Radio Times, 2nd November 2009

Winston Churchill

Brendan Gleeson

Clementine Churchill

Janet McTeer

King George VI

Iain Glen

Franklin D Roosevelt

Len Cariou

Jock Colville

James D’Arcy

Clement Attlee

Bill Paterson

Maj Gen Montgomery

Patrick Malahide

General Ismay

Robert Pugh

Lord Halifax

Donald Sumpter

Josef Stalin

Alexei Petrenko


Terence Hardiman


Clive Mantle

General Alan Brooke

Geoffrey Kirkness


Emma Hamilton


Adrian Scarborough


Morgan Thomas


Michael Elwyn

Bomber Harris

Michael Pennington

Duff Cooper

Bruce Alexander

Admiral Pound

Michael Hadley

Harry Hopkins

Garrick Hagon

Mary Churchill

Kathryn Sumner


Philip McGough


Kenneth Bryans

Vice Marshall Park

Alister Cameron


David Charles


Thaddeus O’Sullivan

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