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Shakespeare productions  

The following is a list of Shakespeare plays in which Michael has either appeared or directed.

 Sweet William

One-man show dedicated to William Shakespeare



Antony and Cleopatra



A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Twelfth Night (Japan)

Twelfth Night (Chicago)

Twelfth Night (ESC)






Troilus and Cressida






English Shakespeare Company


Henry IV Part I

Henry IV Part II

Henry V

Henry VI: House of Lancaster

Henry VI: House of York


Richard II

Richard III

The Winter’s Tale


Royal Shakespeare Company

Edward IV (1964)

Hamlet (1965)

Hamlet (1980)

Henry VI (1964)

King Lear (1976)

Love’s Labour’s Lost (1965)

Love’s Labour’s Lost (1978)

Macbeth (1974)

Measure for Measure (1974)

Measure for Measure (1978)

Merchant of Venice (The) (1964)

Richard II

Richard II (2013)

Richard III (1964)

Romeo & Juliet (1976)

Tempest (The) (1974)

Timon of Athens (1965)

Timon of Athens (1999)

Troilus & Cressida (1976)

Venus & Adonis (2004)

Winter’s Tale (The) (1976)


The RSC web site has a very good database of photographs from their productions at Stratford-upon-Avon. To view photographs of any of any of the following productions in which Michael appeared, go to http://www.rsc.org.uk/searcharchives and enter the name and date of the production in the Search box:


Measure for Measure (1974)

Romeo and Juliet (1976)

Love’s Labours Lost (1978)

Measure for Measure (1978)

Hamlet (1980)

Timon of Athens (1999)


There’s also a very good Learning section which has articles/reviews on productions – for this go to http://www.rsc.org.uk/learning


You might also like to check out the following link: http://www.rscshakespeare.co.uk , then click on language. This is a site dedicated to the recently published RSC Shakespeare. The above link takes you to the discussion of Shakespeare’s language between one of the Editors, Jonathan Bate, and Michael – well worth a listen!  There’s also an interesting blog as to what’s going on in the Shakespeare world!



Hamlet (1969) (Round House & Lunt-Fountaine Theatre, New York)

Hamlet (1994) ( Peter Hall Company)

Antony and Cleopatra. Chichester Festival Theatre, 2012 

King Lear (2014),TFNA, New York

King Lear (2016) UK Tour