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The Best of Friends

Hugh Whitemore 


Hampstead Theatre, London, 2nd March-1st April

Theatre Royal, Bath, 3rd-8th April

Milton Keynes, 10th-16th April

Malvern Theatre, 17th-22nd April  

Theatre Royal Brighton, 24th-29th April

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, 1st-6th May

Richmond, Surrey, 8th-13th March

Sir Sydney Cockerell
Michael Pennington
George Bernard Shaw
Roy Dotrice
Dame Laurentia McLachlan
Patricia Routledge
James Roose Evans
Simon Higlett
Click here to read an article which appeared on the BBC web site entitled A Curious Character with no real talent - which is, in fact, an interview with Michael about his career and the character of Sir Sydney Cockerell.

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…thanks to moving performances from three highly experienced and much loved actors…

-British Theatre Guide

Michael Pennington subtly suggests the creepier side of Cockerell’s character

-Daily Telegraph