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The South Bank Show:

Word of Mouth

London Weekend Television

9th December 1979

‘Masterclasses in music are familiar to television audiences. But tonight’s programme presents a masterclass of a different king – in classical drama.

In Part 1, and again next week, the Royal Shakespeare Company gives a workshop on Shakespeare’s verse before an invited audience. It is led by RSC joint artistic director Trevor Nunn, with fellow directors John Barton and Terry Hands.

The actors are Alan Howard, Jane Lapotaire, Ian McKellan, Michael Pennington, Patrick Stewart and David Suchet.’

16th December 1979

‘The Royal Shakespeare Company gives its second masterclass on performing Shakespeare before an invited audience.

Director John Barton works on a scene from ‘Troilus and Cressida’ with Alan Howard, Michael Pennington, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart and David Suchet.

Ian McKellan describes the thoughts and ideas that run through an actor’s mind as he prepares for a major soliloquy, and Patrick Stewart contrast two different performances of the speech by Enobarbus from ‘Antony and Cleopatra.’

The programme is introduced by Trevor Nunn.’

Director  Peter Walker

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