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The Bargain

Ian Curteis 

Theatre Royal, Bath 13-24th March 2007

Malvern theatre,   26th-31st March 2007

Theatre Royal, Brighton   16-21st April 2007.   

Milton Keynes Theatre   23rd-28th April 2007

Cambridge Arts Theatre   30th April – 5th May

Richmond Theatre, Surrey    7th-12th May 2007

Theatre Royal Windsor  14th-19th May 2007

When Bobby Met Terry, The Guardian 4th March 2007

If it’s Tuesday, I must be Chekhov, The Guardian 25th November 2008
Robert Maxwell
Michael Pennington
Susan Hampshire
Mother Teresa
Anna Calder Marshall
Jonathan Coy
James Roose Evans

“Susan Hampshire leads a hugely talented cast alongside Michael Pennington in this wickedly sharp, sophisticated new black comedy.”

“In a luxurious Thames-side apartment an extraordinary and unlikely union is about to take place. ‘The Bargain’ is a witty, captivating account of an astonishing event in 1988. 

Three years before his body was found floating in the Atlantic, Robert Maxwell sealed a deal with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

The outsized Robert Maxwell was a newspaper tycoon, football fan and big spender. Diminutive Mother Teresa was a living saint, comforter of the poor, missionary and nun. Remarkably, they found they had much in common!”

(this is taken from the Theatre Royal Bath brochure.)


…this is an awesome physical transformation. Pennington has all of Maxwell’s light-footed vastness, both physically and emotionally…

-British Theatre Guide