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The Marlowe Inquest

Witness statements prepared by

Simon Whitworth

BBC2 3rd September 1986

‘Christopher Marlowe, celebrated Elizabethan playwright, was assumed to have been accidentally killed in a tavern brawl over a bill in Deptford, Kent, in 1593. Despite the verdict of an inquest held that year, mystery still surrounds the playwright’s death. Who were the men in Elizabeth’s secret service he was to meet that day? Why did his alleged killer receive a royal pardon so quickly? Was it Marlowe who died at all in Deptford? Or was another body substituted to allow him to escape abroad from the deadly charge of atheism which had been brought against him by the Star Chamber? Now, 400 years later, a second inquest is convened to attempt to solve the mystery.’

Coroner Danby
John Woodvine
Sir John Puckering
John Savident
Thomas Kyd
Michael Pennington
Richard Baines
Nicholas Gecks
Robert Poley
Nicholas Le Prevost
Ingram Frizer
Geoffrey Beevers
Sir Thomas Walsingham
Matthew Marsh
Anthony Garner
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