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Summer’s Lease

John Mortimer

BBC2 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd November 1989

‘Tuscany, a beautiful villa, a whole month with her family in the sun. Molly Pargeter arranges everything perfectly for a holiday that will change their lives. So why is her husband reluctant to go? Why is the owner of the villa so elusive? And is there more than insect life to fear? Molly is resolved that nothing will disturb their summer idyll, especially not the presence of her appalling father, ageing journalist and rake, Haverford Downs.’

Cast Includes
Molly Pargeter
Susan Fleetwood
Hugh Pargeter
Michael Pennington
Haverford Downs
John Gielgud
William Fosdyke
Leslie Phillips
Rosie Fortinbras
Mel Martin
Nancy Leadbetter
Rosemary Leach
Connie Tapscott
Annette Crosbie
Nicholas Tapscott
Frederick Treves
Ken Corduroy
Denis Lill
Martyn Friend
Nigel Hess
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You can buy Summer’s Lease on DVD now. I was always sorry that it wasn’t repeated as I’ve had lots of enquiries about it since it was first shown – so here’s a chance for everyone to catch up on it.