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Between the Lines:

Some Must Watch

Written by Rob Heyland

BBC1 2nd & 16th November 1993

Tony Clark
Neil Pearson
Harry Naylor
Harry Naylor
Maureen Connell
Siobhan Redmond
Commander Sullivan
Hugh Ross
Angela Berridge
Francesca Annis
Thomas Wenleigh
Michael Pennington
MI5 Director
Michael Byrne
Inspector Pollock
Duncan Bell
Chief Supt Graves
Robin Lermitte
Joyce Naylor
Elaine Donnelly
Richard Newman
Bob Mason
Kate Roberts
Barbara Wilshere
Chief Constable Harmsworth
Bernard Hill
ACC Jan Lewis
Dearbhla Molloy
Roger Boshier
Michael Kitchen
Eric Hutchinson
Colin Salmon
Newspaper Editor
Tom Chadbon
Eamon Boland
Peter Smith
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