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The Most Valuable Acquisition

Script by Mike Walker

BBC Radio 30th January 1988

“At six o’clock on the morning of Sunday 13th May 1787 a fleet of 11 old ships set out from Portsmouth with nearly 1,000 convicts and their keepers on board. Their destination was New South Wales – more than eight months distant. Every indication was that the mission would fail”

Capt Arthur Phillip
Michael Pennington
Judge Advocate David Collins
Patrick Malahide
Capt Lt Watkin Tench
Steve Hodson
Dr John White
Keith Alexander
Surgeon William Bowes
Christian Rodska
Lt Ralph Clark
David Gooderson
Major Ross/Lord Sydney
Henry Stamper
Mr John Howard
Nigel Graham
Mr J S Mattra
Timothy Bateson
English Judge
Peter Tuddenham
Stephen Thorne
Jo Anderson
Helen Harvey
Shaun MacLoughlin
Elizabeth Parker
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