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Arden of Faversham


BBC Radio 3, 6th June 2004

Alice, the young wife of well-to-do Arden, has fallen in love with Mosby, a one-time butcher with social aspirations. Arden is murdered. This is the first English murder thriller, written by an unknown contemporary of Shakespeare (though some say he may have had a hand in writing it). It’s based on true events of the period, mixing high drama with low comedy as class-envy, greed and passion drive the story to its tragic conclusion. (Radio Times 5-11 June 2004)

Arden, a merchant
Michael Pennington
Franklin, his friend
David Burke
Alice, his wife
Emily Hamilton
Michael, their servant
Giles Fagan
Mosby, a steward
Michael Maloney
Susan, his sister
Victoria Woodward
Black Will, a rogue
Anthony Jackson
George Shakebag, another rogue
Matthew Morgan
Greene, a smallholder
Mark Straker
Clarke, a painter
Simon Treves
Bradshaw/Lord Cheiny
Steve Hodson
Sion Probert
Adapted & Directed by
John Tydeman
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