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Radio Times, 13th July 2006, Frances Lass 

If you are looking for an unchallenging listen, tune in to something else , because Howard Barker’s new play, commissioned by Radio 4 to mark the dramatist’s 60th birthday, is a hard nut to crack. But it does resonate with great humour, philosophical twists and rich language, exploring the nature of scholarship, power, and human motivation. It takes as its central character Johannes Aventinus, a real-life

16th-century humanist, and fictionalises his last journey home to see his new-born baby. On the road he is waylaid by a lout who calls him “filth”, and sends him to visit a house where a woman requires that he kill her. Will the scholar comply? And why does her library have his childhood scrawls in its collection? Do not expect to have easy answers.



The Road, the House, the Road

Howard Barker

BBC Radio 4, 13th July 2006

Johannes Aventinus/The scholar
Michael Pennington
Barbara/The lady
Barbara Flynn
Biro, the Soldier
Sean Baker
Richard Wortley
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