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Calista Online web site 3rd September 2005



Flockhart film takes `Fragile' fall in Venice

VENICE - The only good news for Calista Flockhart here at the annual Venice Film Festival was she had the hunky shoulder of Harrison Ford to cry on after her supernatural thriller, "Fragile," bombed at its debut screening.

The ghostly film, made in Spain, is set in a children's hospital on the Isle of Wight. Flockhart plays a nurse who tries to keep her young charges safe from a series of random attacks.

The corps of film critics here in Venice can be brutal. But they downright howled at the climax of the film.
"I didn't expect people to be laughing at the end of the movie, so I am surprised," said the actress, best known in America as TV's ditzy Boston attorney 'Ally McBeal.


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