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By Gloucester Docks I Sat Down and Wept

Words and music by Ashley Hutchings

Recorded at Millstream Studio, Cheltenham in 1986

Record and tape issued by Celtic Music

The Performers

His voice  Michael Pennington (speech)

  Ashley Hutchings (singing)

Her voice  Marilyn Cutts (speech)

  Polly Bolton (singing)

Produced by Ashley Hutchings

Side One

Prologue – I Dreamed a Dream (Died For Love)

Ring On Her Finger

Dancing Under the Rose – Again

What! Must I Now Make An Enemy/Under The Rose

Keep You Warm

Ten Reasons Why They Should Be Together

At The Women’s Institute Dance/Flower Arranging

We Walked In God’s Country

A Letter/Small Town Romance

Side Two

Don’t Look Back

In The Café

Brief Encounters

Westonbirt Sonnet/T Stands For Thomas

My Dearest

To Ireland I Made My Way


My Dear Friend/Dives and Lazerus – The Blacksmith

I Don’t Go Dancing Any More

Love, Stuff and Nonsense

Epilogue – Died For Love

Love, Stuff and Nonsense is from Elizabeth Smart's classic work of poetic prose By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept. It is reproduced by kind permission of Jay Landesman. By Grand Central Station is available in paperback and those who have not read it are recommended to do so as soon as possible. Nearly all the other words on this album have been written by me. The exceptions are a few of Shakespeare's in Westonbirt Sonnet and those spoken over To Ireland I Made My Way. The person who composed the latter would wish to remain anonymous I'm sure. This lack of recognition is compensated for by the fact that I dedicate this album to her. For all the marvellous and frequently devoted work put in by the performers - my undying thanks. Special mentions for Polly, DM, Phil, John and Pete. Also for Sian who put up with me (albeit briefly) during this most difficult birth.

[Ashley Hutchings]

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