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It’s No Go On The Merry-go-round

A Poetry Show About Crisis

Devised by Michael Kustow

The Young Vic, London, 7th April 1968


Diana Rigg          T P McKenna        Michael Pennington

Adrian Henri      Alan Sillitoe          George Macbeth

Music by 10:  Stuart Gordon & Phil Harrison

Director  Michael Kustow

“ ‘It’s No Go On The Underground’ is a dramatic sequence of poems about the sense of crisis which many people feel today. It brings together poetry from England, Ireland, Central Europe, America and the Middle East, documentary episodes drawn from the recent news, and a collection of original songs.

“One of its aims is to bring poetry into sharp confrontation with today’s headlines. Another is to show that no crisis, however extreme it feels, is unprecedented.

“By combining actors and poets reading their own work, it also provides an unusual experience in the performance of poetry. It comes to the Young Vic for one Sunday night performance after a much admired premiere at last month’s Lancaster Arts Festival.”    


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