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Pleasure and Repentance

Compiled by Terry Hands


This programme was devised and first performed in 1967. Since then it has been performed by several teams in many countries throughout the world including: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Honolulu, Holland, Canada, Japan, and Jordan.

The items included in the programme were published in a book of the same name, and published by A Wheaton and Company in 1976. ISBN 0 08 018216 X.

Brenda Bruce
Terry Hands
Richard Pasco
Tony Church
Terence Hardiman
Michael Pennington
Julian Curry
Paul Hardwick
Michael Redgrave
Lynette Davies
Alan Howard
Ian Richardson
Judi Dench
Barrie Ingram
Norman Rodway
Jeffery Dench
Derek Jacobi
Prunella Scales
Lynn Farleigh
Charles Kay
Elizabeth Spriggs
Ann Firbank
Sara Kestelman
David Suchet
Susan Fleetwood
Clement McCallin
Hugh Sullivan
Peter Geddis
Brewster Mason
Janet Suzman
James Grout
Richard Moore
Richard Todd
Martin Best
Adrian Harman
Bill Holmewood
Jack Irons
Richard Callison
Terry Hands
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