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The Whitbread

Music of London Concerts

Devised by Michael Oliver

Barbican Hall, London 22nd September & 11th October 1982


Barbara Leigh-Hunt

Michael Pennington

Ian McDiarmid

The London Symphony Orchestra

Conductor  Charles Groves

Director Cordelia Monsey       

Designer Allan Watkins


A Shattered Machine

Weber in London 1826


Overture Der Freischütz

Overture Oberon

Carl Maria von Weber                        Michael Pennington

Fanny Kemble and others                 Barbara Leigh-Hunt  

An Asylum in England

Berlioz in London 1847/8


Hungarian March from ‘The Damnation of Faust’

Marche funèbre from ‘Hamlet’

Hector Berlioz                                      Ian McDiarmid

Nothing but Whisky and Bad Weather

Mendelssohn in London 1842


Symphony No. 3 ‘Scottish’

Felix Mendelssohn                              Michael Pennington

Carl Klingemann                                 Ian McDiarmid


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