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Richard III

By William Shakespeare


Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, April – November 1964

The House of York
King Edward IV
Roy Dotrice
Susan Engel
Prince Edward
Fergus McClelland
Richard, Duke of York
Paul Martin
Princess Elizabeth
Michele Dotrice
Charles Kay
Ian Holm
The Duchess of York
Madoline Thomas
Donald Burton
Lord Hastings
Hugh Sullivan
Earl Rivers
Derek Waring
The Duke of Buckingham
William Squire
Sir William Catesby
Charles Thomas
Sir Richard Ratcliff
John Corvin
The Duke of Norfolk
David Hargreaves
Sir James Tyrrel
Henry Knowles
First Messenger
David Ellison
Second Messenger
Murray Brown
Third Messenger
Anthony Boden
The House of Lancaster
King Henry VI
David Warner
Peggy Ashcroft
Prince Edward
Alan Tucker
Lady Anne
Janet Suzman
The Earl of Richmond
Eric Porter
The Earl of Oxford
Maurice Jones
Reconcilers of the Two Houses
The Earl of Derby
John Hussey
The Bishop of Ely
Michael Rose
The Commons
The Lieutenant of the Tower
Ted Valentine
First Murderer
Donald Burton
Second Murderer
Philip Brack
The Lord Mayor of London
Malcolm Webster
First Citizen
Marshall Jones
Second Citizen
Terence Greenidge
Third Citizen
Jeffery Dench
Messenger from Lord Derby
David Morton
Soldiers, Citizens, Servants, Attendants
Katharine Barker
John Bruce
Jessica Claridge
Bruce Condell
Elizabeth Croft
Carl Forgione
James Garrett
Guy Gordon
Sheila Grant
John Hales
Marshall Jones
Roger Jones
James Laurenson
Stanley Lebor
Andrew Lodge
Rhys McConnochie
John Malcolm
Lee Menzies
David Morton
Michael Pennington
David Quilter
David Rowlands
Michael Sarson
John Cargill-Thompson
Chris Williams
Peter Hall and John Barton
John Bury
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