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19th July 2015

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Articles and Interviews relating to Sweet William

Sweet William

The incomparable Michael Pennington has done Sweet William proud.

-Daily Mail

Michael Pennington, a world-renowned Shakespearean whose every breath is a master class in acting

-Chicago Centerstage

A delightful and illuminating show... Warm, wise and illuminating

-Daily Telegraph

The show is a tonic. To see or not to see? Go if you possibly can

-The Observer

Superb... Could have an inspirational effect

-Time Out

Brilliantly summons spirit of Shakespeare onstage...

-Chicago Sun Times

To watch a 15-minute excerpt of Sweet William on You Tube click on the following link:

http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=LP_nVSYa1Qs

Michael’s new book Sweet William. Twenty Thousand Hours with Shakespeare has now been published. Click here for full details.

To hear Michael talking to Theatre Voice about Antony and Cleopatra and his Sweet William Book click on the following link:

http://www.theatrevoice.com/8799/a ctor-michael-pennington-talks-about-playing-antony-and-about-his-latest-book

The DVD of my solo Shakespeare show, SWEET WILLIAM, is now available. It goes under the title of SWEET WILLIAM - MY LIFE WITH SHAKESPEARE. It's the entire performance, filmed with a live audience at LAMDA about a year ago with three cameras, and we've been editing it ever since. 

At last I'm happy (I've produced as well as playing it); and now the stock's arrived. At the moment it's available from the National Theatre Bookshop for £12.99, and in a few days will also be through the RSC - certainly in their Bookshop and soon afterwards on line I think. Same price. We're beginning to sort out some more outlets, 

including Amazon, but I have to work out how to do that so it may take another few weeks. But as I say the early copies are at the NT and RSC.

All the best and thanks for your interest !  

Michael Pennington February 2013

To listen to Michael’s talk at the National Theatre click on the following link: https://soundcloud.com/nationaltheatre/mich ael-pennington-on