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The Shadow of a Gunman

By Sean O’Casey


The Other Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, 26th March 1980

The Warehouse, London, 21st July 1981

Donal Davoren
Michael Pennington
Seumas Shields
Norman Rodway
Mr Maguire
Timothy Walker
Mr Mulligan
Shay Gorman
Oliver Ford Davies
Minnie Powell
Dearbhla Molloy
Tommy Owens
Kilian McKenna
Mrs Henderson
Barbara Kinghorn
Mr Gallogher
Dennis Clinton
Mrs Grigson
Eve Pearce
Adolphus Grigson
Paul Webster
An Auxiliary
Ned Vukovic
A Black and Tan
Timothy Walker
Michael Bogdanov
Chris Dyer
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Michael Pennington’s performance deeply explores Donal’s twin natures - half genuine poet, half patronising sneerer at the ignorance of ordinary people

-Daily Express

Michael Pennington is chillingly moving as the imaginative, self-enclosed Davoren