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Taking Sides

By Ronald Harwood

Chichester Festival Theatre

Minerva Theatre, Chichester 15th May-3rd June1995

National Tour

Criterion Theatre, London July 1995

Major Steve Arnold
Michael Pennington
Emmi Straube
Geno Lechner
Lt David Wills
Christopher Simon
Helmuth Rode
Gawn Grainger
Tamara Sachs
Suzanne Bertish
Wilhelm Furtwangler
Daniel Massey
Harold Pinter
Eileen Diss
The following is an article by Matt Wolf about how he felt Americans were represented on the London stage in 1995 and Michael’s response to the formers comments on Taking Sides. 
The New York Times, 26th November 1995. Ugly Americans, British Style
The New York Times, 17th December 1995. Taking Sides; In Defence of the Playwright
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...Michael Pennington excels as the hectoring, bullying Major.

-The Chichester Observer

Michael Pennington plays him [Major Arnold] with a sense of predatory refinement.

-The Sunday Times

...(Michael Pennington, acid and feral)...

-The Observer

...played with superb malevolence by Michael Pennington. It is his grim persistence that gives Taking Sides all the compulsion of a courtroom drama.

-Mail on Sunday

...a study of devious aggression..

-The Stage

...Harold Pinter’s scrupulous production is enhanced by marvellous playing from Massey and Pennington...

-Time Out

Michael Pennington is superb as the philistine major...

-Daily Mirror

Michael Pennington gives a masterly performance as the yobbish American major...

-Plays International