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The Entertainer

By John Osborne

The Watermill Theatre, Newbury, 14th May – 8th June 1996

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham 11th-15th June 1996

Hampstead Theatre, London 23rd October 1996

Billy Rice
Julian Curry
Jean Rice
Siri O’Neal
Archie Rice
Michael Pennington
Phoebe Rice
Jane Wood
Frank Rice
Sam Newman
Gorgeous Gladys
Rebecca Slater-Kerr
Stephen Rayne
Emma Ryott
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Michael’s agent, Curtis Brown includes an excerpt from the production in Michael’s Showreel on their web site. The link is:


Director Stephen Rayne’s impeccably staged revival... features a superb performance by Michael Pennington, tap-dancing in the footsteps of another great Shakespearean actor, Laurence Olivier, as the terrifying Archie Rice.

-The Oxford Times

...splendidly incarnated by Michael Pennington.

- The Stage

Michael Pennington’s performance is a homage to tenaciousness and fatigue. He has sized up Archie with a pitiless accuracy ....

- The Sunday Times

...But the key to Pennington’s performance is a tragic self-awareness... It’s a poignant studt if unheroic failure.

- The Guardian