9th April 2019

On the 13th May the Rose Playhouse is holding a 30th Anniversary Gala. The following is the release from the Rose:

“The evening will feature dramatic readings from celebrity patrons such as Janet Suzman, Dominic Dromgoole and Michael Pennington; talks about the original excavation and a chance to learn about the Rose Revealed Project directly from the architect, Nick Helm. Stay on for the drinks reception and a silent auction with items donated by Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and Tony Robinson, amongst others.

The event will take place in the atmospheric setting of Southwark Cathedral, where several Renaissance theatrical figures are buried, including Shakespeare’s brother Edmund, as well as Philip Henslowe, the man who built the Rose.

Tickets for the event are:
£20 gala (rear section)
£40 gala (middle section) + drinks reception and silent auction in the Cathedral’s beautiful retro choir,
£75 gala (front section) + drinks reception and auction + a private visit to the Rose archaeological site at a mutually agreed date.”

You can book tickets at:

23 February 2019

No  news at present I’m afraid but you can still see the Gresham Lecture at:

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